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PEMF - Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy

The non-invasive therapy with pulsed electro-magnetic fields offers, with an enormous spectrum of indications, new possibilities for the treatment of numerous illnesses and diseases.

PEMF devices were developed in the last years on the basis of the discoveries of great scientists of the last century, as, for example, Nikola Tesla, George Lahkovsky, and Antoine Prioré.

They recognized that pulsed magnetic fields can influence our organism bioernegetically.

Today it is known that there is a natural electrical field around every cell.

This has influence on the biological and permanent regeneration of the body.

In this process, a stable cell membrane secures the permeability for the vital substances. A pathological change of the joints and the organs because of a disease, as well as after injuries and operations, leads to disorder in the metabolism of the affected cells.

This causes a disorder in the electrical field of the cell and leads to a dysfunction of the natural regeneration capability of the body.

In the PEMF therapy, the ions which are present in the cells of the body are being stimulated by the pulsed magnetic field, and mobilized. The exchange of the nutrient particles inside and outside the cell is being intensified by the so-called "ion pump".

The magneticic fields go through the body and the cells completely. By this, the ions which are present in the cells of the body and in the tissue, are being moved in the rhythm of the magnetic field impulses which flow through them, and being pressed to the cell wall.

Here they cause a hyper-polarization and influence above all, the energy metabolism positively. After a certain period of time this leads to a regulation of the voltages at the cell walls.

The so-called cell wall potential is being normalized and the dynamics of the ions at the cell border surface improves. It is known that in various diseases the border surface potentials of the cells are lower compared with the normal value.

By this the cell function is being affected as can be proved. So one can assume that nearly all diseases can be traced back to disorders in the cells. This explains as well the high success rate and the broad application field of the therapy.

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